Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Unemployment: Case Study - Jordan's Tourism Sector


  • Naim Salameh Al-Qadi
  • Sari Sulaiman Malahim
  • Mousa Saeed Matar



COVID-19 pandemic, Tourism sector, Unemployment, Jordan.


This study aimed to investigate the impact of COVID -19 on unemployment in the tourism sector in Jordan. For the purpose of achieving the study objective, the researchers reviewed various previous articles that handled COVID -19 pandemic and its impact on unemployment in different countries in the world. The researchers reviewed all reports issued by the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Tourism, Central Bank of Jordan and Statistics Department. All gathered data was reviewed to make a comparison of unemployment with the years prior to COVID -19. The study concluded that COVID -19 affected and increased unemployment in the tourism sector in Jordan, since more than 46% of tourism workers lost their jobs. The impact increased the unemployment rate from %19 in the year 2018 to 24% at the end of 2020. The study recommended that tourism parties in Jordan have to develop internal tourism programs to maximize the benefits of tourism in all governorates, in true partnership with the private sector, in addition to developing special plans to promote tourism, such as promoting domestic tourism, improving the quality of the tourism product periodically and conducting vaccination in the touristic areas for those who did not receive the preventive vaccination. The study results may help those who are concerned with the tourism sector as well as future researchers.




How to Cite

Salameh Al-Qadi, N. . ., Sulaiman Malahim, S. . ., & Saeed Matar, M. . . (2023). Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Unemployment: Case Study - Jordan’s Tourism Sector. Jordan Journal of Business Administration, 19(2).